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Wisdom Wednesday

Tune in as Andriea Denise breaks down these powerful, wisdom-packed messages into bite-sized lessons you’re sure to love!

  • This episode is all about choosing what we want and allowing God to direct our path. We all need a reminder to let go of worry and doubt. (WATCH NOW)

  • WW Speak Life

    In this episode of Wisdom Wednesday, we’re discussing how our words matter very much. The scripture for this episode comes out of Proverbs 18:21. (WATCH NOW)

  • Wisdom Wednesday Let Your Guard Down

    It’s Wisdom Wednesday! This episode is all about letting your guard down and trusting God with all your heart. (WATCH NOW)

  • Wisdom Wednesday Be Satisfied Thumbnail

    In this episode of Wisdom Wednesday, we’re talking about being satisfied with what God has blessed you with. Were diving right into Proverbs 14:30. (WATCH NOW)

  • WW Listen Up

    In this episode, we’re talking about hearing what God has to say to us. I’m sharing how we can hear and pay close attention to what God wants us to know. (WATCH NOW)

  • Wisdom Wednesday 3 Keys to Witnessing

    Are you guilty of running and/or hiding from people who chase you down to talk to you about getting your soul saved so you won’t end up in hell? I know I am. Here’s what you need to know about witnessing. (WATCH NOW)

  • Wisdom Wednesday Hold Your Peace Thubmnail

    In this episode, we’re talking about holding your peace for the sake of preserving your knowledge, wisdom, and understanding for those who actually seek it. Our scripture is coming out of Proverbs 23:9. (WATCH NOW)