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Why Am I Naturally Negative?

Most people naturally experience negative thoughts, but not very many understand why. In fact, a lot of people have accepted their way of thinking as normal and blame life for being so rough.


You don’t have to continue accepting the negative thoughts that pop into your mind. In this article, I will explain why you experience so many negative thoughts. Then, I’ll share just how you can change that negative way of thinking.


Here’s the lowdown on negative thinking.


We all naturally experience negative thoughts, because we were built for self-preservation. Self-preservation includes foreseeing dangers and 

adjusting to stay safe from the possibilities of harm. This is why your mother probably yelled at you and warned you on a consistent basis. You may have even been literally snatched from danger before. LOL


This happens, because a mother is built to protect her youngins. She wants to keep you from hurt, harm, and danger. So, she prevents you from doing almost everything.


Of course, I’m exaggerating a bit to get my point across.


When people experience an undesired result in a situation, they become conditioned, programmed to avoid that experience at all costs. This means, we build negative associations with situations to protect ourselves from them. We survive and then avoid.

This is just one of the ways that we lose control over our thinking and our lives.


Another way is by influences. Sometimes, people who have experienced something that you have yet to experience, they will shape your thinking by sharing their experience with you. If that experience was positive, you will receive positive information and most likely have a positive outlook on the experience as you walk into. However, if the person’s experience was negative, they will impart all negative information, thus discouraging you and giving you a negative outlook as you walk into that experience.

The main thing that you should know about this is that you have control over how you see something, regardless of what is shared with you. You can choose to reject other people’s negative experiences and stories, and hold onto your own positive expectations. Keep reading to learn how.


How to Overcome Negative Thinking



You absolutely have to know in your heart that you have the power to accept or reject thoughts, whether positive or negative.

Your thought life is completely up to you. You may have been conditioned up to this point, but you have the power to take control of your mind at any given time and steer in the direction of your choosing.



You have to work to build up your mental strength to accept or reject a thought.

If someone told you not to think of a purple elephant, you may be unable to shake the mental image of a purple elephant, but if someone told you that you were going to fail at something, you could absolutely reject the thought and turn toward success.



You must create a new habit of looking for the silver lining in every situation and circumstance.

There is always something for you to learn and to grow from. It is up to you to look for the lesson, commit to becoming better, and growing into the person who can quickly replace a negative thought with a positive one.


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