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What Is Personal Development?

what is personal development
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Many people like to consider themselves to be perfect in every way, and while those people may really be the best thing since sliced bread, the truth is that we could all use a few personality or habit tweaks. In fact, if you want to turn your dream into reality or to accomplish a goal, you will most likely need to grow into the person who has the skill set or habits that can achieve that goal.


When I say “grow into the person”, I just mean that you may need to add some things to your knowledge base or start doing things a little differently, so that you can do what you ultimately want to do. 


To be very honest, you may have to stop doing some things you’ve been doing to get where you want to go too. That’s right. You don’t need those extra random ten things from Target (even though they were super cute) when you just said that you want to save more money this year.


Here’s an example of growing into the person you need to be to accomplish a goal. 


You want to be a doctor. And while you may have a great interest in the medical field and the desire to accomplish becoming a doctor, you can’t just decide to be a doctor and then stroll over to the nearest university to pick up a license to practice medicine. Instead, you would have to grow into a doctor by taking prerequisite courses, earning an undergraduate degree, and then entering medical school, and earning a doctoral degree.


If you want to accomplish other major goals, or if you just want to be a better version of yourself, you should focus on personal development.


building block for personal developmentWhat Is Personal Development?


Personal development is the process of enhancing various areas in your life. The process of personal development includes goal setting, planning, motivation, and achievement. If you implement and execute this process for each goal you have, you will find that you are growing consistently. You will become a master at elevating to higher heights of achievement.


Goal Setting

Setting a goal for yourself is simple. Decide what you want to have or what you want to do. Be sure to write it down. Keeping a written record of your goals and documenting the journey of achievement is priceless. Your writing can also serve as motivation, when you look back on it, during your process.



Planning your goal takes a bit more care. Think of this part of the process as creating a road map from where you are currently to where you want to be. You should note that there are no major leaps, only small, intentional steps that you will need to take toward your goal to make it happen. 


Between the points of where you are now and where you plan to be later, write out the steps or milestones you will have to take (hit) along the way. This is helpful in tracking your progress.


If you don’t know the steps necessary to get you from point A to point Z, do some research. Most likely, someone else has already done what you want to do, and you can find some guidance on what needs to be done and how to get started. Find a book, do a Google search, or watch a video on how to accomplish your goal. 



Any journey you embark on will require you to receive some motivation to keep going and to make it to the finish line. Some things are easy enough for you to motivate yourself. Other things, probably the goals that take longer to complete, may need some motivation from outside sources. 


Depending on what your goal is, you could join a group of like-minded people who can support you on your journey. You could watch motivational speeches online, or read books that get you excited. A success story or two might up your spirits too. 



Achievement is the final step in the personal development process. It feels amazing to accomplish something you’ve been working toward. Sometimes, when you’re working on yourself for the purpose of just becoming a better, well-rounded being, you may miss or overlook the achievement part of the process.


This is why journaling is a great habit to practice. If you were working on anger, and you have become less aggressive, you might not notice that you’ve calmed down and started handling situations differently, unless you’ve been actively writing your thoughts and situations down. When you read past entries, you can easily identify how the things that triggered certain responses before no longer phase you. 


Click here to grab a journal and start your personal development journey.


Areas of Personal Development


You might be excited about personal development now, but where should you start? Considering that you’re at The Write Mind Studio, we suggest that you start with your mind. All things are created twice: once in the mind, and then in the physical. 


Developing habits that allow you to control your thoughts is half the battle. Just think, if you believed you could accomplish anything, all that would be left is to simply do it. The process would move much quicker that way. 


woman reading for personal developmentSo, let’s look at some areas of development. 

The areas of personal development are:



Mental development consists of controlling your thought-editing process, being intentional about what you allow to occupy your mind, sharpening focus, and a range of other things that require purposeful thinking.



You may desire to be healthier, to lose weight, to take on a physical challenge, etc. Physical development is important for certain lifestyle choices, careers, and some goals.



Mental and spiritual development are related in many ways. Your spiritual development includes your belief system, faith building, ritual engagement, etc. Most people search for meaning and something to believe in. Developing your spiritual life could also include changes in your lifestyle.


woman working out for personal development


Personal Development Ideas


  1. Shedding A Fearful Mindset
  2. Understanding How Your Beliefs Were Formed (this is explained in detail here (take control))
  3. Building An Attitude of Gratitude (learn to start a gratitude journal)
  4. Creating Healthier Habits (learn to create habits here)
  5. Developing A New Skill
  6. Building and Strengthening Healthy Relationships
  7. Becoming More Organized
  8. Communicating More Effectively
  9. Being Slow to Anger
  10. Looking for The Bright Side In Everything
  11. Developing A More Spiritual Life (try this guide)
  12. Improving Financial Management


So what are the benefits of personal development?


While the benefits of personal development depend on the individual, most would agree on the following items.


More Life Fulfillment

Most people would agree that after starting a journey of personal development that they live a more fulfilled and well-rounded life. More of their experiences are enjoyable, and they endure much less stress than before.


Healthier Lifestyle

I remember embarking on a natural hair journey, and to my surprise, that journey of development led to me using more natural products on my entire body, eating healthier foods, exercising, changing my financial habits, and making overall healthier choices. 


The point I’m trying to make here is that your journey on one goal will most likely spill over into new goals, and you’ll find that not only is your body healthier, but your finances and relationships as well.


Greater Level of Happiness

Taking control of your life [insert link] and being intentional about your thinking, actions, and allowances all contribute to you living a happier life. These things tend to draw pleasant experiences to you. You may find that you love your job, have more money to spend on things you enjoy, have positive relationships, and feel more energetic on a daily basis. 


What are you waiting for? Get started on your personal development journey now.


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