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What If You Could Travel Forward In Time?

How to Travel Forward In TimeMost of the world operates based on the past. People make present decisions that are directly related to their past experiences. People create things to remedy an issue they’ve encountered in the past, to make life easier in the future. When friends and family get together, they usually reminisce and talk about memories. You’ve probably even engaged, a time or two, in the if I could go back, I would change xyz conversation…But what if you could travel forward in time and set up your future?


How would you attack life, knowing what was up ahead? Would you give up when things got rough, or would you keep pressing toward what you set up for yourself?


I’m willing to bet that you would no doubt fight for what was yours, if you knew exactly what was up ahead.


What would you say, if I told you that you could do exactly that? You can absolutely travel into the future and set up experiences for yourself to walk into. AND it’s way simpler than you may think.


How to Travel Forward In Time

The information that follows shares 2 steps on how you can travel forward in time and build experiences for yourself.



Travel Into The Future With PrayerPray. Many people have their ideas of what prayer is, but it is simply making a request. Whether you whisper it, speak it aloud, think it in silence, kneel and bow your head, write it down, etc. it will work. The way it works is making a request in the form of a statement. We speak things (positive and negative) into existence, and when we are intentional about what we speak into our experience, we can create exactly what we want.

Speak or write in the present tense.

Example: I am healthy and in great physical shape.

Your current situation may not show the evidence of this, but the moment you say/write it, and as you continue to do so, you are immediately changed, and your physical experience starts to shift to match what you have said or written down.



Take intentional action toward what you have prayed for. You may have heard, or even read for yourself, that faith without works is dead. The truth is that you can’t simply say something and do nothing, or the opposite even, and expect change in the direction you really desire. You will have to do something about it. You can say that you are healthy, but you have to also stop the negative self talk and actions that contribute to your old, unhealthy self.

In the case of the example used above, taking action could simply be refraining from old habits.


These steps are simple enough to understand, but not always the easiest for people to execute. It is important for you to know that praying is the same as sending instructions to your future, telling it how you would like things to be set up when you arrive. This is how you can travel forward in time. You don’t need to physically travel to the future; you’ll be there soon enough. You only need to send word that you are on your way and that you want things to be set up a specific way when you get there.


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On the flip side, when you are not intentional about what you want and how you want things to be in your future, you leave it all open to interpretation. Other people can direct your path and build the backdrop to your future. That has not always panned out to be the best situation for people to be in. In fact, that’s how regrets and unfulfilled dreams creep up into people’s life experiences.


Allow yourself to accept better into your life. Whatever your circumstances have been up to now aren’t as important as what you can turn them into. Send your prayers out to go and get to work on your behalf right away. Then, press your way toward the things you prayed for, and watch your life transform before your eyes.

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