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Vision Writing Part II: Choosing A Point of Focus

Welcome to Part Two of the 4-Part Vision Writing Series! This series was designed to help you to get a jumpstart on building a life that you enjoy living.

The goal is for you to get used to the idea (and the practice) of being active in creating your future experiences. Faith doesn’t work if you don’t. So, this series is geared toward helping you take the right steps toward a better you and ultimately a better life.

Part Two of this series is about choosing a point of focus to write about. The first episode discussed getting your mind right. We talked about clearing negative thoughts to make room for positivity, abundance, and happiness. Although that takes a bit of time to do, the next step in the process is the fun part.

In This Episode

In this episode, I’m walking you through identifying your vision, visualizing the details, and writing it down.

There is something special about putting pen to paper with intention. You end up creating experiences for yourself that you set up on purpose. No more creating out of ignorance. Now, you’ll have the power to build a life that you desire, through thinking, feeling, believing, and WRITING.

Step two in the vision writing process is simple and fun. Who doesn’t enjoy creating something beautiful? Your life should be abundant. Your life should be filled with happiness. Your life should be lived on purpose and in its fullness.


What I didn’t mention in the video is that your focus should not stay on the things you want. Instead, your focus should be on God. Choosing a point of focus is essentially being specific about your prayer. When you write it down, you are setting that prayer in motion. Afterwards, you should thank God for what you’ve asked for, and move forward with your focus and faith on him.

This does NOT mean that you pray and sit back and wait. You absolutely must work toward the things you’ve prayed for. BUT you don’t have to stress over forcing things to work or worrying when they don’t immediately pan out, because you’re operating in Spirit. When you operate in Spirit, you should be relaxed in all things, because you know that God, who has control over everything, is also in control of your situation. This takes some practice to get used to as well, because we are human, and we have humanistic responses to life’s circumstances.

So, as I always say, “don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get it right every time.” Self-improvement is a process and it takes some time to develop muscle memory.

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