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Vision Writing Part I: Getting Rid of Negative Thoughts

Welcome to Part One of the 4-Part Vision Writing Series! This series was designed to help you to get a jumpstart on building a life that you enjoy living.

The goal is for you to get used to the idea (and the practice) of being active in creating your future experiences. Faith doesn’t work if you don’t. So, this series is geared toward helping you take the right steps toward a better you and ultimately a better life.

Part One of this series is about getting rid of negative thoughts. This is the first and most important step in the process of vision writing.


Ridding yourself of negative thoughts is the most important step in vision writing, because the experiences that you create for yourself will greatly depend on he type of mindset you have.

The mind is extremely powerful, you know?

If you believe you can have, be, or do anything, guess what…you absolutely can! AND on the flip side, if you believe you can’t have, be, or do anything…or that bad things always happen to you, or that you’re always at a disadvantage, that is also true. You create your own truth, because in this case, perspective is everything. It’s up to you to decide what thoughts you will allow to hang around in your mind versus the thoughts that you will choose to veto (get rid of).




In the video above, I share a bit about my old negative mindset. Then, I share some ways you can begin to shed your negative mindset. Once your mind is trained to axe thoughts that don’t serve you well, you will find that your experiences are way more enjoyable. Also, whenever life brings you less than enjoyable experiences, you will handle them better, recover more quickly, and get back to living happily.

It is God’s will that we live freely, happily, abundantly, and on purpose. Make the commitment to do your work, so that you can join the many others who have figured out how to operate in their purpose and live an abundant life as a result.

Be sure to watch the video above, and join the conversation below.

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