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Why The Cycle of Beginnings And Endings Is Necessary

Cycle of Beginnings and EndingsResearch shows that people rarely think. In fact, once we do something a few times, it becomes routine. We set our brains to autopilot, and operate from there most of the time. This is why we’re able to multitask so naturally. We learn something, and start to do it automatically as we do other things that we’ve become used to. Because people aren’t routine thinkers, it is safe to say that most people may not have thought about the cycle of beginnings and endings, and whether or not it is necessary.


The thought of a negative experience ending and happier times beginning makes everyone feel better, but the thought of an enjoyable experience ending will put a frown on a face and confusion in the mind of someone who doesn’t understand the need for it. Yes, I said “need”. What I mean is there must be an end to EVERYTHING so that there can be a new beginning.


Think about it. If no enjoyable moment ended, how will you get to the next enjoyable moment?


Imagine falling in love with a person you feel is perfect for you. Now, imagine being stuck in the moment that you realize you are in love. If that moment of realization never ended, you would never be able to move onto the next moment. How would you deepen your relationship?


What if you were at an amusement park, and you rode an amazing ride? If you stay stuck on the one fun ride you just experienced, you couldn’t move to the next moment and find another ride to enjoy.


Everything, whether good or otherwise has to come to an end at some point. It is necessary for all things to stay in motion. Life happens in motion. Whether you choose to move or not, time will roll right along, and you will have to choose to miss out or get moving too.


Though you have control over many things in your life, you cannot cause time to stand still. You can go willingly, or you can be pushed or dragged along into the next moment.


Another Cycle of Time

Time is funny in the way that it tries to help us out. Because it can’t stand still, it repeats itself, in order to give us more opportunities to “get it right”. There are certain things that we have to learn on our journeys. When God sees that we are struggling to get the lesson out of an experience, he allows time to repeat itself and give us another chance to learn.


Never-ending cycleThis is why it might seem like you’ve been in a never-ending cycle of negative experiences. This is why you may have felt like you can’t catch a break and get ahead in life. There is something in the repeating experience that you have to learn before you can move on.


Do you keep finding yourself in dead-end relationships?

Have you been struggling to make ends meet every month, even though you make enough to cover your bills?

Do you keep making promises and declarations only to find that you haven’t done anything differently?


If you’ve answered yes to any of the above questions, you have to learn something in order to break the cycle. Once the cycle is broken, you will be able to move forward and do better.


My Advice:

Understand that trouble won’t last always. So, when you’re going through, be encouraged that it is only for a time.

On the flip side, enjoy the good times, and make the best of them, because they don’t last always either.


Embrace all experiences and grow from them.


While you can’t avoid hard times all together, you can manifest/create more enjoyable experiences than unpleasant experiences. To learn how to do this, click here.

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