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While we give priority to Arts and Education based nonprofit organizations, we are open to sponsoring other organizations and events that align with our mission and core values.  If you are seeking sponsorship for your event or organization, please submit your information 2-3 months in advance to allow our team the time to properly review and respond to your request.

Please provide all requested items listed below, to be considered for a sponsorship.



Requested Items:

1 Type of Sponsorship

Exclusive Sponsor (i.e. Write Mind is the only sponsor of event)

Title Sponsor (i.e. “Write Mind XYZ Event”)

Hosting Sponsor (i.e. “Write Mind Presents”)

Product Sponsor (i.e. Write Mind provides products for your event)

Other (if other, please specify type of sponsorship)


2 Amount Requested (or value of product, if seeking product sponsor)

3 Organization or Event Overview

4 How many people are expected to be in attendance?

5 Website Url

6 Social Media Links

7 Brand Visibility for Write Mind?

8 Link(s) to Current Marketing Materials or Media Kit

9 Additional Information


*Please note: You may be asked to provide additional information, after the initial review of your submission.

You may send items via email to [email protected], or by completing the form below.