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The Mask: Recognizing & Resisting Spiritual Deception

The Mask


5.00 out of 5
12 Reviews

Spiritual. Inspirational. Encouraging. Refreshing. A must read book!

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The Mask: Recognizing And Resisting Spiritual Deception is a story of a journey of self-discovery. Andriea Denise shares what her limited understanding of spirituality used to look like, and how that understanding molded her mind and drove her actions through her childhood and as she grew into an adult.

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12 reviews for The Mask

  1. Chuck F.

    Four pages in and I was crying like a baby. This book is so real, Loved it!

  2. Wanda

    I just completed reading your powerful message of truth. I heard you, felt your discovery of self and I embrace the knowledge that you are sharing with the world. Continue to walk in your God given power, you are called for this season for Truth!

  3. Elvina L.

    Having read your book, I would have to say it was very inspirational. The manner in which you presented your experience of being a child/teenager/adult trying to find your personal relationship with God was to be commended. Your desire to share this with others to allow them to face their insecurities and be honest with themselves is awesome, as most people find it hard to express themselves. Thank you and may you continue to allow God to lead you in your future endeavors.

  4. Linda G.

    This book was so on point, I was raised the same and in the same Church and baby I wore so many masks when I was hurting or going through so much I would just smile and say Im blessed when everything in me was saying the opposite. This book is just Awesome I believe that through Gods word and acceptance of my own truth I am able to remove the masks and be transparent. Thank you for this Andriea its about time someone spoke on this in this way.

  5. Shonda B

    I finished the book! Very good read! Very inspiring.

  6. Bonita

    “Girl!! I just finished the book today! First off, thank you for your obedience because that was definitely God sent! You said things that I’ve felt, thought, or have had revelations around, and I’ve just not talked about it much because most people just don’t know what to do with this conversation! I was also afraid of being judged for it in the past, and I still deal with some of that today. This was a great read that was filled with love, understanding and compassion! Thank you for starting this much needed and long overdue conversation! So many of us are trapped by our perceptions and our experiences, and that is not what God intended! So many of us live a life of bondage that the world wants no parts of! What you shared in this book was truly a reflection of the love of Christ! Blessings to you!”

  7. Lynette

    “I finished your book a couple of days ago and it is shonuff the truth! I am ecstatic that you listened to God, was sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading, Obeyed God and Wrote the book! Thank you for sharing it with the world. I think you are a beautiful, talented and ultra amazing young woman. That’s why I try to support you every chance I get. Your book reminded of who I am and who’s I am. People need this book! Someone asked to borrow mine but I’m not cause they won’t give it back! I need to order another one!!”

  8. iwritedaily

    “This book is the truth!”

  9. Joel H

    “Thank you for being so open and candid about your own experiences..you don’t find too many people that are willing to do that. I will be recommending this book to people! Thanks for sending me a copy! May He continue to use you to bless His people via this book!”

  10. affirmintruth98

    “Just finished your book! Tried to put it down but couldn’t. Truthful stuff and you didn’t hold back. I’m guilty of wearing the #mask. Great work!”

  11. keepwriting12

    “Your book was the truth. I really enjoyed it!”

  12. Anthony Hare

    “I love “The Mask”. What a great perspective and insight on something that is so common. Perfect read!”

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The Mask: Recognizing And Resisting Spiritual Deception is what Andriea Denise calls her spiritual autobiography. She digs deep into a few soul-stirring experiences of growing up in the church, and she shares heart-wrenching stories from her past. She boldly uncovers and exposes secrets that most church folk have been keeping hidden for generations.


This IS NOT your typical inspirational book!


The Mask is a literary work that dives deep into spiritual matters that many people struggle with today. The Mask covers topics that people in all walks of life and in various religions can relate to. If you want to be inspired and learn how to make changes for the better on your own spiritual journey, you need a copy of this book.


In This Book You Will Learn To:

1. Understand why you may have been hurt in the church so that you can forgive and move forward

2. Begin your healing process from church hurt so that you can grow into the prosperous, faith-filled man or woman of God that you were always destined to become

3. Understand how you may have been misinterpreting God’s word and to start learning the true meanings of the scriptures

4. Stop pretending/wearing the mask and to walk fully in your truth

5. Unlearn misinformation that you may have received from spiritual leaders and to properly discern God’s word for yourself

6. Build a real and lasting relationship with God