Our Story

The Write Mind Studio began as the vision of one person, but quickly transformed into the passion project of many. The visionary, is a person who grew up believing that she wasn’t born to be a successful person. She was taught that struggle is part of the experience of a Believer.

She admits that she may have misunderstood, but at a young age she interpreted that to mean believers were supposed to struggle through life for the sake of God’s kingdom. It wasn’t until later in life that the now CEO started to shift her thinking. She came to understand, after studying God’s word, that we all were created and purposed for greatness. She finally arrived at the truth that we were meant to be exactly who we want to be (and that we have even greater potential than that).

With her understanding, she started working toward her personal and professional goals. She asked God to guide her through the process, and she promised to use every gift and talent that she was given to the best of her ability. Ever since then, God has been blessing her far beyond measure.

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