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Morning Minute

  • There Is No Formula

    April 9, 2019

    “I asked God for several things, but when I didn’t receive them right away, I began to believe that God could hear me. I hoped that if I lived like a good little girl for a few days, doing my chores without being asked, participating in school, and refraining from fighting with my siblings, God would see that I really was good and grant me everything I had requested. In a sense, I was searching for a formula. I thought there must be a combination of things I could say and do to unlock that window of blessings I kept hearing about in church.” –(an excerpt from The Mask: Recognizing And Resisting Spiritual Deception by Andriea Denise)


    Remember, there is no formula. We can never earn blessings from God. Even more, know that we already have access to all that we desire. We can claim and realize the very things we want in life. You can. Name it, and walk into the experience you’ve set up for yourself.


    There is no formula to get what we want from God. We don't earn our blessings. We already have access to all that we desire. Click To Tweet

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