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Morning Minute

  • Keep Your Head Up

    Trouble Doesn’t Last Always

    May 6, 2019


    “Keep your head up.” – Tupac

    It is normal to go through rough times, but always remember that those times must come to an end. Don’t be discouraged. Instead, look for the lesson in what you’re currently experiencing, and hold on until it comes to an end. Then, you can apply your understanding to your life, and be prepared for the next wave: either you will avoid it altogether, or you will better be able to handle it. Keep your head up. You got this!

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  • Perspective is everything. Choose to view things from a positive perspective. 👀
  • The key is to try again. 🔑 Rinse and repeat!
  • Keep your lips off other people’s lives, unless you’re speaking positivity into them.
  • Rule #1: No complaining about things you can change.
  • Late nights call for a journal writing session.