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Journaling Turned This Company Into A Multimillion Dollar Business

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It is no secret that I am a HUGE advocate for journaling. In fact, I think journaling is one of the first steps that you should take when beginning any journey that involves an end goal.

Journaling helps you to gain clarity. It helps you to keep record of your progress, and it provides guidance for your next endeavors. I also love the added bonus that it serves as a legacy that can be passed down through generations. It’s a great idea to leave behind some thoughts and guidelines for others to pick up where you left off, learn from your mistakes, and to have the help of becoming more successful on a shorter timeline.

So many of us have had to start from scratch, because the people before us didn’t leave a blueprint of what to look out for or how to navigate certain pathways. But I digress. We can table that discussion for a later time.

For now, I just want to prove that journaling is a viable way to accomplish your goals and to achieve more overall.

Many successful people use journaling as a way to flesh out their ideas, to plan their next steps, and to reflect on what has already happened.

I’ve shared my story several times, regarding how I used journaling to grow into the woman and business owner that I am today — and I’ll probably continue to share, because I think the power of the written word is so amazing — but I wanted to share someone else’s story today.


It’s easy for you to dismiss when I tell you what my experiences have been, because I am only one person, but to hear that many more people use journaling and have built major brands, happier lives, etc. may have a deeper impact.


CEO Uses Journaling To Build Multimillion Dollar Company

I came across an article about Amy Lacey, a business owner who created a food product out of necessity. She had been falling ill after eating pizza with her family, and didn’t realize it, until she was diagnosed with Lupus. It was then that she learned she had a gluten intolerance.


I imagine that because she loved pizza, she wanted to find a way to continue to enjoy the food. So, she developed a cauliflower pizza crust, which is now sold in grocery stores all over.


The founder and CEO of Cauli’flour Foods talks about how she had to use journaling to get herself back on track, correct mistakes, and ultimately build the multimillion dollar company that she owns and runs today. Read more of her story here.


More Proof

Another great example of adding journaling to the process of reaching your goals is found in one of the best selling books of all time, Think And Grow Rich. Napolean Hill encourages the reader to be very specific and clear about what s/he wants, and how s/he plans to do it.


While I teach people to not worry about the how, I don’t think he meant how everything will transpire. I think he meant for us to think about what we planned to do in order to get to that point.


In other words, he wanted us to decide on the vehicle that would carry us there. Would we plan to reach our goals through writing, singing, cooking, playing sports, etc?


The vehicle isn’t that important. I mean, you should choose something that you really enjoy doing, and would probably do for free, because that will ensure that you keep going, especially when things seem slow or difficult. As long as you like what you’re doing, you are more likely to succeed in it.


I do want to point out that you can’t simply write about what you want to happen in your life and/or business, and go relax somewhere. Like Jim Carey said, you can’t just say what you want and then go eat a sandwich.

Although relaxing is a part of the process, you must take several action steps before you rest.


What I mean by that is, after you have decided on what you want, you have to immediately do the following things to keep things flowing and to build momentum:


Write It Down.

Be as thorough and as detailed as possible. You don’t want to end up with a check order form, when what you actually want is a check in the mail that you can cash (true story…lol…smh).


Fill In the Gaps of the Unknown.

If there are things associated with what you want that you don’t know about or how to do, you have to take the steps to learn those things


Take action toward what you want.

Know that slow movement forward is better than no movement at all.


Believe that you will eventually have/experience exactly what you want for yourself or your business.



Once you’ve done what you can, rest confidently, knowing that things will work out the way they are supposed to. Don’t stress yourself out, worrying about how soon or when your goal will be achieved. If you have done your work, and are staying consistent in doing so, you know that it will work out in your favor at some point down the line.


Of course, I encourage you to do what is best for you. I push writing, because I love it, and it has worked for me as well as many others, but some people, like Beyonce, choose to speak their journal entries. She records herself talking about different things, using her laptop camera. She has actually created several documentaries of her setting out to do something and achieving her goals in the end.


If speaking works for you, do that, but find a way to record it so that you will have record of it to refer to later.


Maybe you can try some different styles of journaling to find which style best suits your personality. We’ll talk more about journaling styles at a later time.


How has journaling helped you achieve your goals? How will you incorporate journaling into your routine?

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