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How to Write Your Way Out of Depression

how-to-write-your-way-out-of-depressionOne thing that I have always maintained is that good times and rough times are both fleeting. Where there is an end, there is always a new beginning. Unfortunately, we sometimes forget that fact. In the midst of trying times, we often tend to get caught up in them, and we respond in ways that seem as if we believe we will never survive those times.

Because so many people forget that tough times are only for a moment, they may experience depression. If I took a poll, I am confident that over 98% of people would admit to being in a state of depression at some point in their lives. You see, life has a way of teaching us through pain. When things are going pretty well for us, we don’t always get the lessons that life wants to teach us. However, when we experience pain, we pay close attention, and sometimes even search for the lesson/meaning in it all.

If you are currently experiencing a feeling of depression, keep reading. Below are some tips to write your way out of a state of depression. Grab a journal or notebook, and follow the following instructions.


How to Write Your Way Out of Depression


Never deny how you’re feeling. In fact, be as open and honest about how you’re currently feeling. This will eliminate feelings of regret and resentment later on.
Write down everything you’re feeling.
write-depression-writemindstudioWrite why you think you may be feeling this way. Write down the moment when you noticed you were feeling this way.
Then, write down anything else that you’re thinking or feeling.


You may find that you already feel better, just by getting your thoughts out of your head and onto the page. To take it to the next level, write down how you would like to feel.
Write down the things that you would like to take place now, the things that you believe will make you feel even better.
Don’t hold back. Write, in as much detail as possible, about the life experiences you would like to have following this moment.


Now, begin to plan out how you will proceed to create the experiences you described above. A major part of feeling depressed is feeling like life is happening to you and that you don’t have control over your current situation. By honestly admitting how you feel, you gain power over your current circumstance. Furthermore, by looking ahead, and making plans for your own future, you allow yourself to rise above negative emotions. You show life that you aren’t dwelling on where you are, but that you understand that what you’re experiencing is only for a time, and that you plan to be better once it passes.


Remember, you may not always have control over what happens initially, but you can always decide how you respond to what has happened, and you can decide what happens next.

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