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How to Use Journaling to Live A Better Life

journaling to a better life
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Andriea Denise By Andriea Denise


You dream of living a better life. A life of health, wealth, happiness, power. Chances are, the specifics of what you desire fall under one of the items I just listed. 

And while the thing you want most may be different from the next person, the path to achieving it is the same. 

If you want to learn how to live a better life, read on. 


In this article, I’ll discuss a major myth in manifestation and how you can set yourself up for success and build the life you want. I’m going to be real with you and let you know what it takes to get from where you are now to where you want to be.


Self-improvement, as you probably know by now, is an ongoing journey. There is no ultimate destination. Instead, there is a general neighborhood of the kind of life you’d like to end up living. 

Before I share the steps to achieving your goal, there is something you should know. There are a plethora of myths floating around about how to manifest your desires. But today, we’ll focus on one.


Manifestation Myth

People struggle daily to effectively call to them the things they really want. The reason they struggle to manifest anything is that they hold misconceptions about how to achieve their goal of building a better life for themselves. 

Below is one of the biggest myths about manifesting.


If you wish hard enough, it will come. 

Many people believe getting what they want comes from perfecting a magic trick. “Gurus” all across the world have caused people to think manifesting

 desires is equal to wishing really hard, or visualizing day in and out.

The truth is that manifesting takes a great deal of perseverance, faith and a strong, positive mindset. This is why we focus so much on the mind. Once you have done your inner work, manifesting becomes much easier. 

Why? It gets easier to get what you want when you have a strong, positive mental attitude, because your faith builds. Believing that you can have something and that you deserve it draws that thing to you quicker than if you struggled to believe it.


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Achieving Better

Better comes at a price. That price is well worth what you receive for the sacrifice. 


Get Clear

The first step in living a better life is to get crystal clear on what you desire for yourself. You can’t move forward in achieving anything, if you don’t know exactly what you want. Take the time to decide on the details of your vision. 


Write It Down

The power of putting pen to paper is unmatched, especially when it comes to manifesting. It’s important that you write the vision as plainly as possible in your journal. Doing this allows you to visualize your wants clearly. It also helps you to develop a strategic plan of action. 

I’ve talked about creating your future with journaling, in another article. Don’t just write as you wish things would be, when you’re trying to reach a goal. Instead, you should write things you actually believe can happen.




Commit to Doing The Work

Despite what you may have thought before, getting from where you are to where you want to be will take some serious work and dedication. Faith must be accompanied by diligent work. That’s the only way you will achieve anything great. 

You have to push beyond fear, unlearn misconceptions, and rid yourself of limiting beliefs. You also have to keep going even when things look like they aren’t working out. Eventually, something has to give (you exactly what you want).


Stay Consistent

If you really want to live a better life, you should make these steps a part of your everyday life. Your personal growth journey depends on how consistent you are in your efforts. Adopt the practice of vision writing, and commit to your personal development. Then, you will see your life change before your eyes.


Be Patient

Great change comes with time. It will take time to shift your mindset and to build your faith. If you were working on building your credit or losing weight, your daily efforts and overall habits would tell (with time) what you’ve been up to. 

Keep at it, and be patient. Everything will happen at an appointed time. Don’t rush it. Setting goals is the easy part. Doing the work and waiting for the results to show takes a little more strength and willpower. 

You should look at your self-improvement work as a long term process. Take it one moment at a time, and you will create a better everyday for yourself, let alone a better future.  



Daily self-improvement is the path that leads to everything you want in life. Not everything that the law of attraction teachers share is untrue. Visualization and desire are part of manifesting. It’s just not the whole picture. 

With the information I shared above, you are now equipped with the knowledge you need to elevate yourself. You just have to apply it to your everyday life. I wish you well on your journey. Need some ideas for your vision? Try our Vision Menu to get your creativity flowing.


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