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How to Think More Positively

how to think more positively
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Think positive thoughts. Live your dreams. Become a millionaire in your sleep. These are the “pieces of advice” you probably receive on the regular from people trying to sell you their courses and ebooks. 


Just like the law of attraction gurus, people leave a huge chunk of information out of the formula. Then, they charge you for it. The bad news is that many people come away from those courses and other products feeling even more confused than when they started. 


Guess what. You’re in luck, because we love to share that kind of information for FREE. It isn’t enough to just tell you to think more positively. If you knew how to do that, you’d likely be on your way to living the life you desire. 


If you’ve ever struggled with thinking positively, this guide will help you to do it with ease. Now, like most things in life that are worth having, positive thinking won’t be an easy feat. But it will become easier, the more you practice.


Before we jump into the ways you can think more positive thoughts, we should first cover the reason that you think the way you do now. 


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You may know that children are like sponges that soak up their environments. Because of this, if you have guardians, teachers, caretakers, etc. who are fearful, skeptical, pessimistic, and the like, you will likely grow up to be the same way. 


Another major teacher in life is experience. When you experience traumatic things in life, you tend to avoid anything that looks or feels similar to that situation. In a way, experience trains you to think negatively about certain things. 


As life goes on, it becomes harder to think differently from the way you were programmed or conditioned to think. But keep hope alive, because it is possible to think differently. It just takes some practice to think positive thoughts. 


Just as it took years of conditioning for you to think negatively, it will take some time (and patience) for you to think positively. Now, let’s discuss some ways you can start to think more positively.

7 Tips to Think More Positively


1 Pay Attention

2 Stop Yourself Mid-Thought

3 Find A Positive Thought

4 Audit Your Circle

5 Audit Your Entertainment

6 Surround Yourself With Positivity

7 Look for The Positive


Pay Attention

You may not recognize when you’re thinking negatively. Especially since you’re so used to thinking your way, you should pay close attention to your thoughts. Become an observer of your thoughts. 


Notice which thoughts are negative and which are positive. And don’t beat yourself up about the negative thoughts you recognize. This is a process.


Stop Yourself Mid-Thought

This may sound silly, but it works. Whenever you find yourself in the middle of a negative thought, stop yourself. You may have to put your hand up, or say “stop” or “nope” out loud to interrupt the thought. Get in the habit of stopping negative thoughts in their tracks and kicking them out of your mind.


Find A Positive Thought

This may feel awkward at first. It may even feel like you’re being phony. But keep this in mind; your subconscious can’t tell what’s real or fake. All it knows is what you tell it. So, if you consistently tell it positive things, it will start to find more positive things. Then, your replacement thoughts will come true, eventually.


Audit Your Circle

They say that you are a collection of the five closest people you hang around. Take the time to audit your circle. Look at the people you surround yourself with, and take inventory of their mindsets. How do they speak day-to-day? Do they mostly complain? Or do they have a mostly positive outlook on everyday life? 


Audit Your Entertainment

Do you watch negative TV shows and depressing movies? Do you listen to music that puts you in a bad mood? Pay attention to the entertainment you consume on the regular, and note whether or not it is catering to your negative mindset, or pushing you toward a more positive one. 


Surround Yourself With Positivity

This should be a given, by now. If you want to accomplish your goal of thinking more positively, you should welcome more positive things and people into your life. Only allow positive energy from people, books, entertainment, experiences, etc. to enter your personal space. 


You can’t always control this. But for the most part, you have a say in who and what you come in contact with.


Look for The Positive

Stuff happens. And when stuff happens, you should be in the habit of searching for the good in every situation. This practice may be extremely difficult at times, but trying is worth the effort. Looking for the positive in everything causes you to train your mind to see the brighter side of things. It also helps you to start seeing good all around you with very little effort.


These are the main things you should do to get started on your positive thinking journey. Everything else will make sense as you go along. Thinking positively opens doors to other areas of self-improvement and achievement. 


After you get the hang of positive thinking, you will gain the confidence you need to go deeper into making the law of attraction work for you and manifesting your desires. 


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