Dreams to Reality

Dreams to Reality

Part III: Building Faith


Building Faith & Momentum

Building your faith is another part of the vision writing process that takes patience. In order to accomplish your goals, you must build and strengthen your faith. Though this step may seem daunting, it may prove to be easier than you think. Here is a strategy that can help build your belief so that you can achieve your goals.


Faith Building Exercise

1 Start small.

Creating experiences is well within your control. You can create the very life you desire, but before you go for the big, scary goals, you have to really believe they are within your reach. Create small experiences that you don’t care much about. This helps you to build a log of wins that you can look back on.


Example: Write in your journal that you laughed hard today. Then, go and live. At the end of the night, reflect on your day and recall whether or not you laughed hard.


Try this tactic with several small things, until you notice that your writings have mostly turned into manifestations.


2 Reach higher.

Once your manifestations have become normal for you, stretch your writings a bit. Aim for some things or experiences that are larger than the ones you’ve been manifesting.


Example: Write in your journal that you earned an extra $100 this week.


3 Record your wins.

Be sure to log your desires and the outcomes. Doing this helps you to see a record of things and experiences you have created.


4 Rinse and repeat.

Repeat steps 2 and 3 as many times as you have desires. This will become a regular, daily practice in your life. Eventually, you will be able to think or say something to bring it into reality, but for now, continue to write it down.

Writing down your desires and manifestations helps you to keep them in the front of your mind for quick and easy reference.