Dreams to Reality

Dreams to Reality

Part II: Choosing A Point of Focus

Clarity Is Key

Choosing a point of focus is all about getting clear on what you want. This step in the Vision Writing process is very important. You must be sure of what your desires are. When you are clear on what you really want, it is easier to draw up a road map from where you are currently to where your end goal lies.


Focal Points

You may not need much time to think about what you want. Most people have been thinking about the very things they desire for the majority of their life on earth. However, you should spend some time working to narrow your desires down to their finest details. The point of honing in on the details is to be able to see an image of your desire clearly in your mind.


You may record your desires relating to the same areas discussed in Part I.

– Family

– Job/Career

– Friendships

– Other relationships

– Finances

– Body

– Health and Wellness

– Home