Dreams to Reality

Dreams to Reality

Part I: Getting Rid of Negative Thoughts

The Purpose of Getting Rid of Negative Thoughts

The first step in writing your vision is the most important step in the entire process of turning your dreams into a reality. The reason this is the most important step is because your mind tells your body what to do. If you don’t believe you can achieve something, you may not put much effort behind working toward it, or you may not try at all.

To set yourself up for success, you must first work on your mindset. Learn the fears, triggers, and past experiences that cause you to think negative thoughts rather than positive ones. Doing this will make it easier to dismiss the negative and to usher in the more positive.


The Importance of Belief

Your belief is the driving force behind your action or inaction. If you believe you can accomplish something, your actions will prove it. On the flipside, if you believe that you can’t accomplish something, your inaction will prove it.


Think about all of the diet plans and gym memberships that are abandoned by people who say they believe they can make a change and develop a new habit of living a healthier lifestyle. If most people believed they would see positive results if they stuck to the plan, there would be more physically fit, healthy people walking around the planet.


The Power of Veto

As discussed in the video, The Power of Veto is an exercise that calls your attention to the negative thoughts that enter into your mind. It reminds you that you have the power to allow the thought to stay and occupy space in your mind, or to dismiss it.

Download Power of Veto Worksheet


How It Works

The Power of Veto can only be effective if you are completely honest. Be as open and vulnerable as possible when completing this step of the process to get the best results. To practice this exercise, you should start with a journal.



Consider your life in the following areas:

– Family

– Job/Career

– Friendships

– Other relationships

– Finances

– Body

– Health and Wellness

– Home



As you think about these different areas of your life, write down the thoughts that come to mind. Take as much time as you need in this phase. The more thoughts you write down, the clearer the picture of how positive your mind is at the moment.



Read over the thoughts you wrote down and evaluate how many of your thoughts are negative. Once you have identified the negative thoughts, try to retrace the thought back to its origin.

Where did that thought most likely stem from?

Did you have a negative experience that contributed to that thought/belief forming and sticking around?

Did you learn the belief surrounding that thought from your parents or during your upbringing?



Now is the time to decide whether the thoughts you wrote down are welcome to stick around in your mind, or if they will be dismissed.

Hint: Any thought that does not help you to move closer to your goal is a thought that should be dismissed. 



In order to dismiss a negative thought, you should write a positive thought to replace it. This is where you can get creative. Choose a positive thought that you would like to believe, and write that down. Keeping this information in a journal is helpful, because you can refer to it regularly. Especially the new thoughts you write down, you should refer to them often and commit them to memory.

Eventually, the new thoughts you adopted will sink into your subconscious and become your new normal.


In conclusion…

Controlling your thoughts and changing your beliefs require patience, forgiveness, and persistence. Remember, you have likely spent your entire life, so far, developing your current belief system. So to change that will take some time. Don’t rush the process, but be persistent in making the changes necessary to get to your goal.