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The Mask

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The Mask: Recognizing And Resisting Spiritual Deception is what Andriea Denise calls her spiritual autobiography. She digs deep into a few soul-stirring experiences of growing up in the church, and she shares heart-wrenching stories from her past. She boldly uncovers and exposes secrets that most church folk have been keeping hidden for generations.


This IS NOT your typical inspirational book!


The Mask is a literary work that dives deep into spiritual matters that many people struggle with today. The Mask covers topics that people in all walks of life and in various religions can relate to. If you want to be inspired and learn how to make changes for the better on your own spiritual journey, you need a copy of this book.


In This Book You Will Learn To:

1. Understand why you may have been hurt in the church so that you can forgive and move forward

2. Begin your healing process from church hurt so that you can grow into the prosperous, faith-filled man or woman of God that you were always destined to become

3. Understand how you may have been misinterpreting God’s word and to start learning the true meanings of the scriptures

4. Stop pretending/wearing the mask and to walk fully in your truth

5. Unlearn misinformation that you may have received from spiritual leaders and to properly discern God’s word for yourself

6. Build a real and lasting relationship with God

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