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How to Build Self Confidence

how to build self confidence
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While there is no secret formula to building self-confidence, there are a few ways that you can help yourself to start feeling stronger and seeing yourself in a more positive light.


More people than you may think struggle with self-confidence. There are way too many people telling you what you should look like, what you should like, dislike, do, where you should go, who you should find attractive.

And If you genuinely don’t agree with the things you’re told you are supposed to do, be, like, etc. it can be hard to feel confident in being yourself…different.


So What Is Self-Confidence?

According to Google, self-confidence is a feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities, and judgement.


Based on this definition, we can glean that a person who doesn’t trust him/herself in those areas, s/he may be faced with the following issues:


  • Insecurity
  • Self-doubt
  • Low self-esteem
  • Feeling inadequate or less than compared to others
  • Depression
  • Negative Mindset


If you find yourself anywhere on the above list, don’t worry. Many things contribute to a person feeling less than. Namely, environment, experiences, and less than favorable circumstances can cause a person to feel like life is against her. This is normal, especially if you’ve never been taught to strengthen your mind.

The good news is that you can turn things around and start living on purpose and feeling much happier and more confident.

If you want to learn how to build self-confidence, keep reading.

In order to build self-confidence, you have to make a commitment to yourself, first.

You will be making a lifestyle change, and change of this magnitude comes with time. So, if you find yourself slipping back into old ways, instead of beating up on yourself, be patient. The fact that you realized what you’re doing differently is a step in the right direction.



Let’s Dive In!


How To Build Self-Confidence


confident black woman leaning against poleONE

Identify the thoughts that keep you down, and actively get rid of them.
(please note: this process takes time to get used to before you will start to do it automatically.)Grab my FREE Power Of Veto exercise in the Positive Thinking Workbook



Be mindful of what you feed yourself spiritually.While you’re working on making positive changes in your life, it might be a good idea to put reality tv, real life drama, and negative people on the backburner, so that you can get a good grip on your mind.



Surround yourself with positive, driven people.Spend time in peaceful places and other places that make you feel good. Fill yourself up with inspirational content (i.e. books, videos, music, etc.)



Stand in the mirror and thank God for everything you see.SERIOUSLY, EVERYTHING! Do this as many times as you find yourself in front of a mirror every day.



Write out what you would like to see for yourself.Create categories for every area in your life and write down how you would like to grow in those areas. Be real with yourself. No matter how huge it is…what do you want?



Find a support system.This may take some time to do, but it is worth it to find a group of people who are on the same journey as you, because they understand much more than your current friends and family.



Rinse and repeat.Remember, this is a lifestyle change, so it will take time and effort to see real results. Stay committed to your ultimate goal which is to be a better version of yourself.

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  • 1.9K
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