Why You Should Start A Journal Today

Why You Should Start A Journal Today


Many people are attracted to the idea of journaling, but they don't keep a journal themselves. Why? Well, after many conversations with people, the same answer pops up on the regular...I don't know what to put in one. 


This is understandable, because not very many people are in tune with their thoughts and emotions, and even fewer are inclined to write them down. If you aren't a person who keeps a journal, the concept of writing your thoughts down may seem weird.


This article will shed some light on the benefits of journaling and what you could actually put in a journal, so it won't seem like such a foreign concept anymore. We'll cover a few different types of journals you can start, first. 


Journaling is a widely practiced activity, and is used to accomplish several different things. Some people keep a journal to track their fitness journey. Some people keep a journal to stay organized every day. Some people keep a journal to track their thoughts, food, relationship, emotions, pregnancy progress, and so much more. 


Journaling used to be popular among teenage girls, who would plop down on their beds at the end of each night and write about the person they had the biggest crush on, or a fight they had with a friend at school.


But if we take a look into history, we learn that journaling has been popular throughout. It was the way people kept record of happenings during major times. Anne Frank is a major figure in our history, because of the diary she kept. Every inventor and philosopher that we know of today kept a journal way back when. 


Intelligence and creativity has been linked to journaling. Let's explore some well-known journal keepers.


Important Figures Who Kept/Keep Journals

  1. Anne Frank - a young girl who lived during World War II and documented her journey with her family, as they worked together to survive.
  2. Thomas Edison - an American inventor and businessman who innovated the way we use electricity in our everyday lives.
  3. Mark Twain - a famous, American author who humored the world with his stories like Huckleberry Finn.
  4. Oprah Winfrey - a famous reporter and personality who has influenced millions of people around the world.


Types of Journals

  • Gratitude Journal
  • Goal Setting Journal
  • Scripting Journal
  • Vision Writing Journal
  • Diary
  • Prayer Journal
  • Art Journal
  • Dream Journal
  • Travel Journal
  • Fitness Journal
  • Food Journal
  • One Liner Journal
  • Tracking Journal
  • Legacy Journal/History Journal
  • To Do List Journal

Styles of Journaling

  • Bullet Journaling
  • Junk Journaling
  • Creative Journaling
  • Outline Journaling
  • Daily Log Journaling 
  • Stream of Consciousness Journaling


Benefits of Journaling

Improves Thought Organization

Keeping a journal helps to organize your thoughts and helps to improve your thought processes. Journaling allows you to declutter your mind and promotes better focus.


Promotes Goal Setting & Achievement

Journaling helps in setting and attaining goals. The first step in goal setting and achievement is writing it down. Knowing where you started and where you're going are crucial to reaching your goals.


Helps With Stress Relief

Writing out your thoughts and emotions can help with relieving stress. Journaling aids in allowing you to release what may be bothering you from your mind and onto a physical page. Sometimes, writing things down helps people to feel immediate relief.


Sparks Creativity

There are no rules when it comes to creating. That's why journaling can inspire creativity. New ideas flow all the time, and if you keep a journal, you just may be able to catch some of them and make them concrete. You could be onto your next business idea, invention, or creative arts project. Who knows?


These are all pretty great reasons you should start a journal today. Shop The Studio, and get started now.

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