Is Journaling Good For You

Is Journaling Good For You

In the age of information and technology, where people use voice commands and digital notes on a daily basis, it's a wonder that people still hold on to the practice of putting pen to paper. Journaling is still a favorite pastime for so many. If you've been thinking of starting a journal, and you're wondering about the benefits, keep reading.

Lots of people looking to make positive changes in their lives may have been hearing about journaling and may even wondering if journaling is good for you. In this article, we'll discuss the benefits of journaling, and help you to determine if journaling is a practice that is right for you.


5 Benefits of Journaling

Boosts Memory
When you keep a journal, the practice of regularly writing things down ultimately helps to improve your memory. Many people can recall things they've written down more often than when they just opt to remember or say it aloud. It is also helpful to reread the things you've written, as doing so helps to commit the information you've written to your long term memory.

Improves Mental Health
It is said that journaling helps to improve mental health, because it allows you to get your thoughts and ideas out of your head and onto the page in front of you. This can eliminate overthinking, reduce stress, and improve your mood. Often times, people who attend therapy sessions are encouraged to journal, as it relieves stress, allows you to objectively look at issues that may be bothering you, and to sort things out in a more organized manner.

Inspires Creativity
Journaling inspires creativity by allowing you to capture thoughts and ideas that you can build upon to create something new, or to improve upon something that already exists. People who are into the arts and science especially take an interest in journaling, because it is a surefire way to keep track of new ideas, research, plans, etc. 

Improves Critical Thinking 
Similar to the ways in which journaling helps to improve mental health, it helps to improve critical thinking skills. If you can take the time to write down thoughts and components of a subject, you may be able to view those things from a perspective that allows you to arrive at new conclusions about them. Many philosophers kept journals throughout history that held their thoughts, ideas, and solutions to the world's conundrums. 

Enhances Goal Achievement
Journaling is one of the top tools used in goal achievement. It isn't always enough to say that you want or are going to accomplish something. More often, it's a better idea to think through your goals, write them down in a journal, and then plan out how you wish to achieve your goals. The outcome of achieving a goal after journaling it through is typically much higher than when a journaling technique isn't used. 


Now that you know the benefits of journaling and how popular it already is across the world, you can determine for yourself whether journaling is right for you. But it's safe to say that journaling is definitely good for you. It's a great practice and habit to adopt into your regular life routine.

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