Is A journal The Same As A Diary

Is A journal The Same As A Diary

With journaling being a rising practice among people looking to elevate their lives, some questions are surfacing. One of the questions that come up frequently is is a journal the same as a diary? This is a normal question to have, especially if your idea of journaling makes you picture a teenage girl laying across her bed writing about a middle school crush she has. 

The truth is a journal and a diary are similar, but different in so many ways. What does that mean? Well, a diary can be considered a style of journaling, while a journal has many uses. As discussed in previous posts, journals can be used for a variety of things. A diary, however is a place where most people hide their innermost secrets. Diaries are also used to keep records of daily activities and events. These are used for historical purposes a lot of times. Take into consideration The Diary of Anne Frank, for example. Her diary was a first-person account of everything that was happening during the time she and her family were hiding from Nazi persecution. 

When you think of journaling, though, you should consider all the possibilities of what a journal can be used for. It's not just a diary-style entry book. Instead, it can be whatever you desire it to be. Some people choose to create an art journal, tracking journal, goal journal, and so much more. If you're interested in starting a journal, you should check out this article on different ways to use your journal

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The way diaries have been depicted in TV shows and movies may have given a skewed impression to the public as to how beneficial the practice of writing things down on a regular basis can be. In fact, because in main media journaling has been handed over to school-aged kids, many adults have neglected to engage in the activity altogether.

Now that more people are taking a less digital approach to life, and are taking time to themselves to reflect, journaling is becoming more popular. You are free to write, draw, track, document, and create as you see fit. You can create a whole world within your journal writings. Read about the benefits of journaling here, and don't hesitate to get started on your journey today.

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