How to Write The Vision: Easy 3-Step Method to Scripting

How to Write The Vision: Easy 3-Step Method to Scripting

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The exercise shared in this post is meant to be a fun and relaxing practice. For best results, this method should be applied regularly...2-3 times per week, if possible. 

The idea is to develop a habit of allowing your imagination to run wild, and to regularly think on positive things that make you feel good. 

So what is this method? It’s called Scripting. People across the world practice it every day and see great results! Scripting is the practice of writing situations into existence. No, this is not a woo woo thing. Instead, it’s a fun, creative writing activity that gets the mind thinking about what could be. 

Too many people focus on their current situations, or worse, their past situations. Doing this is counterproductive, because it promotes thinking about negative, less desirable things. Thoughts of what happened before (and what probably will happen again) lead to fear and inaction. 

It is much better to focus on a positive future and the possibilities that come with it. Now, onto the method...



How to Write The Vision

  1. Grab a journal and pen. Choose something you’re comfortable with, and that you will keep to refer to regularly. Click here to shop our journal kits. 

  2. Find a relaxing, quiet place, and imagine. You will need to be undisturbed for a while, as you create in your mind.
    1. Think of your ideal situation, in any area of your life. 

    2. Be as detailed as you possibly can. The details are what make it feel real in your mind and body. Your thoughts should make you smile or even laugh outwardly, if they are detailed enough. 

  3. Write it all down. It’s important that you write down all that you thought up, in as much detail as you imagined it. 

Refer to your scripts as much as needed to cement the ideas of a better life, situation, or circumstance in your mind. Create new scripts regularly, until you see clearly what you want for yourself. What happens next is pure gold. 

When you play with an idea long enough, it takes hold in your mind, and causes you to take action toward it. Before you know it, you’ll be experiencing the very things you wrote down previously. 

Happy scripting! 

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