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If you're anything like me, you have a mountainous collection of journals, pens, stickers, etc. I'm a sucker for paper, and if you're looking for cute stationery that comes packed with purpose, you need to be shopping at Write Mind StudioWrite Mind Studio is an online stationery shop that caters to people looking to shift their mindset and learn about personal growth. And they do it in style!

cute stationery

The Studio sells journal kits, the cutest pens, and other stationery items and personal development tools. 

Whether you're looking to learn some things about personal growth, or just in the market for some cute and stylish stationery, Write Mind Studio has got you covered. Their featured item is the SkyWriter Bullet Journal. This journal is filled with dot graph pages, and the paper is smooth to write on. I recommend pairing it with a Scripter gel pen.

 The Scripter is special. This pen is reserved for writing down things that you want to see made manifest in your life. It powers your mind's intention, and pushes you to be creative and purposeful in your writing. The Studio also has cute jewel pens for the boss chick diva that lives inside of you.


There is no shortage of eye-catching finds and cleverly named products on this site. And to make it all the sweeter, everything is reasonably priced. I personally use the journals and pens, and I've already had the SkyWriter in every color! If you're looking for cute journals and stationery, this is the place to grab some great finds. Shop now for journals, pens, organizational tools, and personal development tools.

cute stationery jewel pen

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