3 Ways to Change Your Thinking

3 Ways to Change Your Thinking

3 ways to change your thinking


Changing your thinking (or shifting your mindset) is an achievable goal. People all across the world have been studying and learning techniques that will help them to change their thinking and ultimately live a better, more fulfilling life. If you are looking for 3 ways to change your thinking, keep reading to learn more from Write Mind Studio.


  1. Change Your Environment
    One way to change your thinking is to change your environment. When you get around other people who think the way you want to start thinking. Seek out people who live the way you desire to live, and learn their ways. How do they think? How do they live? What kinds of things do they talk about? What do their daily routines look like? Knowing all of these things can help you gauge what you can do to change your way of thinking and ultimately your life.

  2. Audit Your Thoughts
    Another way to change your thinking is to pay attention to your thoughts. It's important to understand that some thoughts that pop into your head don't belong to you. In fact, you can practice The Power of Veto on your thoughts, until they start to look mostly positive. At Write Mind Studio, we call this the process of auditing your thoughts. It gives you control over what lingers in your head and what gets kicked out.

  3. Speak Out Loud
    One technique that has helped many people in changing their thinking is to speak out loud. When you speak aloud, you are being intentional about what you are calling into your life experience. Only say things that you wish to see. Otherwise, keep silent on the matter, and work to dismiss negative thoughts (or thoughts that aren't in line with what you want for yourself). Speaking is extremely powerful in manifesting good and bad experiences. The bible tells us that life and death lies in the power of our own tongues (Proverbs 18). This is a great lesson that we can all learn about what we allow to escape our lips.

Now that you know 3 ways to change your thinking, you can start to work toward a better thought life and a better physical experience for yourself. You can also learn more about shifting your mindset by reading What Is A Mindset Shift? You can also shop The Studio for a new journal or scripture cards to help you on your journey to a better you.

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