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  • Don't Settle For Crumbs

    Don’t Settle For The Crumbs

    You deserve more than settling for crumbs. Go for the sustenance.

  • receiving miracles

    Receiving Miracles

    You may have been receiving miracles all along but haven’t recognized them as miracles. This story will help you notice miraculous happenings in your life.

  • Release and be Free

    How to Release The Negative And Be Free

    We are encouraged to open our hearts and let love in, but we also need to open our hearts to let out those feelings that are less-than-love. Skating past pain and hurt or pretending our negative emotions don’t exist…

  • naturally negative

    Why Am I Naturally Negative?

    Most people naturally experience negative thoughts, but not very many understand why. In fact, a lot of people have accepted their way of thinking as normal and blame life for being so rough.

  • all is provided

    All Is Provided

    A small but effective prayer…All is Provided. See this prayer in action.