Andriea Denise (Founder & CEO)

Andriea DeniseAndriea Denise is an author, educator, philanthropist, singer/songwriter, and the founder of The Write Mind Studio. She is passionate about helping people to become the best versions of themselves and to live the lives they actively create.

Andriea is also the maker of unique journals. She started the retail portion of The Write Mind Studio with some paper, an X-ACTO knife, and needle and thread. After facing many setbacks and hardships, she found solace in creating something with her hands, while trying to figure out her next move in life.

In addition to crafting handmade journals, the creative wanted to provide her customers with something more than blank pages. She wanted to educate them on how they could use the journals to write their visions and bring them to life. As she pressed forward, The Write Mind Studio was born.

In 2018, Andriea Denise released her first book entitled The Mask: Recognizing And Resisting Spiritual Deception. In a short period, her book has spanned the United States and have reached an international audience. Oppressed believers everywhere have been affected by The Mask, and people are being healed and changed forever after reading it. Learn more about the book, and grab a copy here.

Andriea is open and candid about growing up in church, the struggles she faced to take control of her own mind, and the lessons that she has learned along the way. She views her book The Mask as an introduction to taking control of her life and steering it in the direction of her choosing. Because she has been successful in doing this, she has made it her mission to enlighten and empower others to do the same.

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