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6 Ways to Improve Yourself

improve yourself
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Nowadays, people all across the globe are embarking on self-improvement journeys. Some have figured out that happiness and success starts with a great sense of self and a positive mindset. If you are ready to better yourself from the inside out, you should keep reading.


Self-improvement covers a variety of areas. When a person begins a self-improvement journey, she usually begins in one area, and ends up naturally dipping into several other areas. After a while, self-improvement becomes a lifestyle.


Many women have discovered that embarking on a natural hair journey quickly leads to a health journey, because healthy hair includes a healthy body. Embracing one part of health leads to other aspects of health. AND in order to reach your goals, you’ll have to begin a mental health journey. Can you see how these things trickle down and overlap into one another?




One can improve in the following areas:

Mental Health

Physical Health

Weight Loss

Money Management

Time Management



Relationship Management



Goal Setting and Achievement

And Many More!


6 Ways To Improve Yourself

For the sake of this article, we’ll discuss general improvement, which typically starts in the mind first. In order to make any improvements, you have to do the following:

1 Determine which area you would like to make improvements.

Making a decision is the first step in moving toward your desired outcome. Believe it or not, but this step is one of the most important, because it is the moment you make a commitment to yourself to transform into a better version of yourself.


2 Write down where you are currently and where you plan to be after you improve.Writing has a powerful effect on the mind. Writing the vision is a major part of realizing the vision, because you have to put some thought into what you want, and how you can take steps toward getting it.

3 Learn what it will take to get from point A to point B.Embarking on a journey may take some education before or during the process. Educating yourself will help you to understand more of what you are getting yourself into and how you can continue to move further down the path toward your goal.



4 Take one step at a time toward your goal.All it takes is one step to move closer to your goal. If you set out to attain a new habit or lifestyle in one day, you’ll struggle for sure. You should be realistic with yourself about how long it may take for you to accomplish what you want. It is a great idea to set daily goals. Give yourself daily tasks to complete so that you’ll know that you’re moving closer to reaching your goal.



5 Be patient with yourself, and repeat steps if necessary.Show yourself some compassion. It takes time to accomplish changing your life for the better. Allow yourself to make mistakes, and get back on your job. Be sure not to beat up on yourself if you ever need to start over or to repeat a step. The changes that you’re planning to make are worth the time that it takes to get there.



6 Set New Goals.Once you begin taking steps toward your goal of improving in one area, you may notice that you need improvements in other areas. This will most likely mean that you will either simultaneously work toward different goals, or you will have more goals on your list to work on after you achieve your first goal.You will also find that setting and reaching goals becomes a regular part of your life. Embrace moving toward the life you ultimately want. You may start to get used to winning. Putting in the work almost always ensures that you accomplish whatever you want.




Self-improvement is a lifelong process. As I mentioned before, once you begin in one area, you will likely touch on several other areas of improvement along the way. Though this article gives general advice, your improvements will be very specific to where you are in your life and where you ultimately want to end up.


It is important that you love yourself through the entire process from where you are to where you ultimately want to be. Don’t set out to lose weight because you hate your current body. Instead, love your body the way it is now, and commit to growing into your new body.


Negative motivation may only be temporary, and you could end up back in the same place you started, or even in a worse position than before.

Continuously work on your state of mind as you work toward each of your goals. Having a sound mind will be the foundation that allows you to accomplish everything you set out to do. This is the reason we teach getting your mind “write” first.


If you don’t have a strong, positive mindset, it will be hard for you to start reaching your goals, let alone bring them to completion. Practice strengthening your mind and exercise your faith, before embarking on a different self-improvement journey.

As you may have figured, practicing faith and strengthening your mind are also areas of self-improvement. Commit to doing what it takes to better yourself. You have to grow into the person who can accomplish the things you desire for your life.


If you want to fit into a size 8 dress, but you have a size 14 body, you will first have to take the necessary steps to grow into the size 8 body. Right?


I use weight as an example a lot, because it’s easy to visualize. Mental processes and emotional things are intangible and more difficult to see. Hopefully, you get the picture, and are willing to put in the work together exactly what you want out of life.


The saying, “what you put in is what you get out” is kind of true. The reality is that what you get out far exceeds what you put in. I’m not saying that it won’t be hard work, but I am saying that it is well worth it, and it continues to pay off for the rest of your life.


What you learn during the process of bettering yourself will be with you forever. You can continue to build onto it and teach others. Self-improvement is a gift that keeps on giving. Be blessed on your journey.


What will be the first goal you set, after reading this article?  

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