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  • spiritual-reminder

    A Spiritual Reminder

    As I write this, it is September 17, 2018 at 11:37 PM. I was in the shower, less than ten minutes ago, when God laid what I’m about to share with you on my heart. It was totally for me, but I believe someone else needs to hear (read) this as well. I felt like spending some time with God

  • WW Listen Up

    Wisdom Wednesday “Listen Up”

    In this episode, we’re talking about hearing what God has to say to us.

  • 3-steps-building-faith-based-life

    3 Steps to Building A Faith-Based Life

    How do we change a lifelong habit of expecting the worst but hoping for the best? How do we silence the fear of the what ifs that live deep inside of us? Can we truly ever fully believe the best outcome will occur if we simply let go of the reigns?

  • words-to-motivate-yourself

    50 Words And Phrases To Motivate Yourself

    Highs and lows are an inevitable part of life. The truth is that every human being needs a pick-me-up every now and again.

  • don't-be-ashamed-get-help

    Why You Shouldn’t Be Ashamed Of Needing Help

    In the age of the independent woman, boss chick, and strong queen it makes it that much harder for a person to admittedly be vulnerable. Especially…